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 December 31st 2010 
Happy New Year's Eve everybody! The demo is due for release in the next 24 hours. It's up to SC to pull this one off.
 December 25th 2010 
Merry Christmas to all! NES All-Stars Demo is due to be released on the 31st. Stay tuned!
 November 28th 2010 
With 2011 coming up, the Developers have released Plan: In Order To Orgaize Game Content (IOTOGC), where Developers will be working on their "New Years Revolution", well pretty much whatever they can do before 2010 ends, so in a way it's a bit late.
 November 18th 2010 
Activity is booming, and progress is great. The forums are still not up yet, but NESAS's demo is nearing at a dramatic rate. Before new years is out goal, but really it's all up to SC for the current moment.

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A week to remember...

Posted by Dark Lord on 2010-12-25 02:07:10 EST

Merry Christmas Everybody! This message was posted on the forums yesterday, but if you haven't read it yet, this will let you know what's happening.

I am sorry to report this guys, but I'm sure it is for the best.

The Demo will have a slight delay. But really, it is minor. Here is SC's current report:
"With the finishing touches added to the engine, the demo is almost complete. Though I may need a few extra days to fully finish it."

The new release date is:
31st of December 2010

I apologize again, but really, it is only a few more days to perfect this masterpiece. Christmas, along with New Years and a brand new, exclusive, NESAS 0.1 Demo released, this will truly be a week for the NES Community to remember. :3

Ladies, Gentlemen, I present to you...

Posted by Dark Lord on 2010-12-08 23:33:44 EST

A quick, yet important announcement as they all should be.

Today on Steam, SC and I had a quick progress report like usual on how the NES All-Stars Demo 0.1 was actually going, and what we managed to decide was finally the official release date for the Demo. Now, it might not be exactly on the day as timezones vary world-wide for each and every one of us, meaning that it could either be earlier or later than expected, but only by a couple of hours. I will add a countdown in the near future.

The official release date for NES All-Stars Demo 0.1 is:
25th December 2010

Status: Developers finished with their job, up to SC to finish fixing glitches and program final touches.
Includes: Mario as Playable Character. Test Stage to move around, attack and test Engine. Menu Layout Complete.

NES All-Stars Important Update (Power-Ups)

Posted by Dark Lord on 2010-11-28 03:42:40 EST

A new rule for power-ups has been made recently which infact splits Power-Ups into five different categories. If you are making a character, please keep in mind that your character must have at least 4-5 items from any of the following categories minimum.

Beneath the Health Bar is a small bar that is empty to begin with, known now as the NES Meter. Each attack you perform fills up the Item Bar by a small blue amount. Each time the Item Bar fills up, depending on random chance a Character is rewarded with an Item where is is situated in the Item Bar which can be used at any time. Then the bar resets to it's emptyness original state, and it starts over. Item Types can be split into four categories.

The item rewarded can be any of the following types:
-Transformation: The character transforms when using the item. Eg. Mario turns into Fire Mario after using a Fire Flower.
-Swap-Out: The character jumps out of screen when this item is used. Another character replaces the the character that just swapped out and is playable for a certain amount of time. Eg. Kirby swaps out with Gooey for a certain time period.
-Offensive Obtainment: When this item is used, the character does not transform, swap out, or change in any physical way that is viewable except that one or more of their Special Moves are replaced for a certain time period. Eg. Samus uses Wave Beam, this changes Samus's current Side Special (Missile) to Wave Beam for a certain time period.
-Character Aid: When used, either heals a character, makes them invincible for a short time period, speeds them up, slows them down, ect. Eg. Kirby used Maximum Tomato, heals 50% of Health Bar.
-Physical Item: When used, this item can be used as an attack weapon which is carried around and can be thrown just like items in Super Smash Bros. These items are not made by users, and are default for all characters. They appear randomly after combo strikes rather than having to fill up the bar. Eg. Mega Man was attacking Kirby and got 5 hits on Kirby in a row, a Flipper appeared in his Item Bar.

Thanks for reading. A proper status report will be posted on the 1st of December.
~Dark Lord

Next Month

Posted by Dark Lord on 2010-09-20 13:07:42 EDT

Currently, this is a quick Update to tell you how things are going.

Heaps is planned and coming up for NES Productions! I mean, heeeeaaapppsss! But we are still waiting upon the return of all our Posts and Accounts. Meaning it'll be sooon. I know I said this awhile ago, but I'm serious this time. It's all up to SC to finish this so I can release all the stuff I have planned for you guys!

I'll just reveal a few things that'll be coming up. I can't not. Lol.
-Brand New Ranks:
Long awaited and finally here in a new and slick, glossy design.
-NES Competitions:
With the return of the Shopping Mall will come all new Competitions, already planned and Retro-Based!
-NESAS 101.com:
A new section of the Site dedicated purely to you fans and contributers to make life easier.
-NES Productions Official DeviantArt Page
It's already up so you can submit your work and ect. I'll link pages from here soon. :3

And Heaps, Heaps More! Stay Tuned Folks, cause October is going to be a Huge Month for NES Productions! :3

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